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Do you know these psychological tests?
The ones where your brain does not work like you want to?

Then this prototype is exactly what you want to test out!

Train your brain and gain some highscoores!
Can you compete with other Scoores? Well, let's find out!

______Controls Version 1______

Since the Topic was "One Button" you just have the "x" Button for interaction.
You have to match blockcolour to the falling cube colour!

If you press "x" you will dissapear. That leaves you time to collect the matching colour to your block! (ps. you can keep it pressed if you like to)

______Controls Version 1.2______

Still the "x" Button.
You have to match blockcolour to the falling cube colour!
Now the Colour of the Block, will change with every single hit from the falling objects and so will the text. Enjoy ;)

______Controls Version 1.3______

Are you still with me..? Great! 
The control is still "x" ...What else?
Now the text has to match the colour of the falling cube...!
NOT the text colour but its content.

Copyright (c) 2019 and created by:

Mehtap Kurucay 

This prototype was created at the GameDesign//UE at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai  "Game A Week"  
(Summer Semester 2019)


MindGame_1.zip 16 MB
MindGame_1.2.zip 47 MB
MindGame_1.3.zip 25 MB

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