This Version is the first iteration of my idea and hopefully in the next hours and day, I will upload some more.
Therefore the "Choose Level" Button has no impact, yet.
Also I will implement that you can exit the prototype while playing it. I just forgot about that.

This first Iteration of the prototype includes, that you have scores, lifepoints, a player character with text on it displayed and  a falling cube.
If you "eat" the falling cube and it is in the color of the block, you will get Points. If you "eat" a wrong colour you will loose some life points.Its is possible to avoid that by pressing "x" on your keyboard. But if you do so, you will change the colour afterwards.

What I mainly want to play around in the next iterations is : 

1) Changing the colour always to that colour that you did eat before.(Does not depend on X anymore)

2) Changing the colour everytime RANDOMLY if you eat the falling block

The next was my initial idea. But I simplified it becauseI am not advanced at coding:

3) You don't have the playerblock. It is just the text displayed in some colours and you have to eat the colour that is WRITTEN.

for example : Word tells you Green ( But written in colour Blue) -> Your goal is then to eat GREEN! 

And maybe some more if I have time till Tuesday.

Stay Updated ;)


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Mar 31, 2019

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