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3D Character Collection 2017/18

The 3D creations are part of the Open House Exhibition 2018 at Game Design //UE Berlin. Game Design UE Blog

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 The Course was supervised by : Adrian Azadvaten

ATTENTION! This does not belong to me! All rights served Game Design //UE!!!

Course Description

The Digital Content Creation 2 seminar builds on the course contents of Digital Content Creation 1. The process of asset creation for digital computer games is deepened and expanded. The focus is on 3D animation for computer games and their genre convention. Classic animation principles are taught, which are analyzed under special ludo-narrative aspects and then deepened in practical exercises. Here, the imparted knowledge should be seamlessly connected to the game development environment Unity 2017 to get an insight into the animation and production pipeline of computer games.

Learning Goal

The student should be able to create own rigging and animation solutions for different design tasks and problems. Therefore, the student learns how to rig, animate and export different animation states for production purposes to any game engine. The main project will be to

create an own 3D Character and animate that character for different animation states: Idle, Walking, Running Cycle and Custom Animation.


DCC 2 - SS18 - Adrian Azadvaten - Selected Works - 1080p.mov 216 MB

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