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Human Body is currently a prototpe for a Simlation Game
You as a Player will be a bacteria! Try to harm the human body and its organs! 
There will be the opportunity to be more than one Bacteria and connect the skills of them.
In this version this is not possible, yet. 
Just play around with the reactions you get and find new combinations of infections. 
Created by:
Mehtap Kurucay

Prototype Vesion 0.1 Start : 5.10.2018
Prototype Version 0.1 End : 6.10
This game was created at the GameDesign//UE at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai
"Game Gardening Simulator"  (WinterSemester 2018/19)


HumanBody_Prototype0.1.zip 22 MB

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