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-Childhood Game-

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-Childhood Game-
is a game based on games i loved playing in my childhood. Since I played a lot of games I started to list all of them up. After that i combined what they have in common and used this to create my little game.

Game A Week submission 09

About Game-a-Week is an intensive project module in which students will create about ten prototype games over the semester, (almost) one per week. The aim of this class is to get students comfortable with the practice of rapid prototyping: working quickly to create a small playable game that effectively proves or disproves a design concept. Drawing influence from game jams, the class will prompt students with weekly thematic, aesthetic, or mechanical constraints (e.g. “time” or “nature" or “one-button input”). The hope is that students will practice design, incorporating those lessons into their practice when developing longer-form games in the future.
All rights reserved Copyright (c) 2019 and created by:

Mehtap Kurucay

This prototype was created at the GameDesign//UE at the University of Applied Sciences Europe. Supervised by: Prof. Csongor Baranyai  "Game A Week"   (Summer  Semester)


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